Lawyer's office



For a long time, our law office was the only Slovak practice to be a member of the prestigious association of law offices EUROJURIS International.


EUROJURIS is the leading network of progressive, independent European law offices, with a membership base in more than 650 different destinations and in more than 50 countries. Not only within Europe, but also worldwide, EUROJURIS International represents around 600 law offices and 6000 attorneys at law.


EUROJURIS members are characteristic of high quality standards of their resources, knowledge, language skills, swiftness, and, of course, discretion.


EUROJURIS guarantees that the dynamic approach to work and project management within individual teams is designed so that the law offices as well as their clients are satisfied and so that the quality of their mutual cooperation keeps improving.


EUROJURIS organizes approximately 100 specialized events and trainings that cover a wide spectrum of topics and are accessible exclusively to its members.

In 2005, EUROJURIS was first awarded the ISO 9001 certification, which remains valid to this day.