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Civil Law

We offer our clients highly professional legal services that cover a wide spectrum of fields from libel prevention, to easement law, intellectual property law and contract law. These services cover drafting and editing contracts tailored to the needs of the client.

Our law office has already provided legal services in the field of public procurement to several subjects. Let us mention the first successful execution of an international tender in Slovakia, in the field of regular regional bus service as per the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (ES) number 1370/2007, the subject of which was procuring a transport authority within the Nitra Autonomous Region for the duration of 10 years with an anticipated contract value of approximately EUR 500 000 000,-.

Our law office has provided complex legal services to several notable subjects active in the field, including central organs of the state administration, the largest health insurance company, as well as numerous medical care suppliers. We have been part of making legislation as well. We deal with protecting the rights of individuals who suffered harm as a result of the activity of healthcare professionals.

We offer legal assistance when founding, altering or terminating commercial companies through legal representation before the business and trade register, complex assistance with internal changes in companies (change of residence, statutory organ, partners, etc.), with changes of legal forms of companies, with mergers, splits, terminations and closings. We can also help organize general assemblies and prepare the required documents.

We draft legal audits (Due Diligence) in order to thoroughly evaluate the legal status of commercial subjects as well as other subjects as part of executing a particular transaction (acquisition, sale of divisions of estate, etc.) or as part of specific audits executed per client request.

Within the field of economic competition law, our law office successfully represented the biggest health insurance company in a lawsuit regarding the abuse of dominant market standing. Within this case, conducted by the European Commission, we also provided consulting services concerning the evaluation of potentially illegal state aid.

Our law office offers complex legal services in the field of real estate law within which we provide mainly legal assistance in the field of land law, complete preparation and drafting of documents for property transfer, inspection and revision of existing contracts to ensure legal security, drafting proposals for submitting ownership rights to the land register, including representation in the land register proceedings, legal assistance in the field of property lease, flat and commercial premise lease and rent.

Public Procurement

Medical Law

Corporate Law

Legal Audits (Due Diligence)

Competition Law

Real Estate Law

In the field of labor law, our law office represents predominantly legal entitines as employers in employment lawsuits with employees. We also offer assistance to natural persons as employees, mainly when terminating employment contracts. Moreover, our services include successful assistance to entities employing foreigners in Slovakia.

Labor Law

In the field of debt recovery, our law office has successfully represented both natural and legal persons in numerous cases. Our team still deals with these issues on daily bases. We also have experience with recovering a large number of debts that we acquired while representing a major player in the power engineering industry.

Litigation Agenda and Debt Recovery